Winter Wonderland

Winter Activities in the Lake District


I have to say I think winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year for visiting the Lakes and taking part in outdoor activities.

Yes, the summer is green and warm and full of birdsong, and days can be spent jumping off rocks into the lake and climbing up waterfalls in the gorges. And yes, you only need to think about having one layer of clothing on – plus a cardigan/brolly just in case, of course. But there is just something about the quiet and the light and the blue of the sky in winter that is truly beautiful.


View from Lowick School Bunkhouse


What’s that? You’re not sure you want to do an outdoor activity when it’s freezing cold, raining, or even potentially snowing. Well ok, I can see where you’re coming from. Cold, yes it probably will be. Snowing? Probably not at our level, though if you’re lucky you’ll see a covering on the higher fells. Rain? Well yeah, fair enough. Though not as much as you may think given the terrible storm related flooding in past years.

The thing is, though Winter has a reputation for bringing all the bad weather; storms, snow and ice, it also brings with it the clearest crisp still days, snow capped fells and frost covered fields, iced over tarns just asking for a stone to crack through, dramatic skies, and amazing sunsets that leave you with a warm orange glow on your face. And these are all truly wonderful things.

Kayaking in the Lake District
Incredible winter light while Kayaking in winter


So when I say it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year for outdoor activities, those are the things I see in my minds eye.


Canoing in the Lake District
Stunning winter views while canoing in the Lake District

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the weather, so in order to make sure that whichever activity you choose you are going to be as warm and comfortable as possible, we send out a winter kit list when you book. All the items listed are things that you probably aready have in your winter wardrobe such as thermals, fleeces, hats and gloves, and alongside our provision of all technical kit for activities, these extras should keep you as warm and dry as possible during your activities. We also offer our customers free use of waterproof trousers and jackets if you feel your own won’t be up to the job during the activities.

So with all that in mind, what kind of adventure do you fancy?

Our Mountain Biking route includes stunning views over Coniston Water and beyond. Or what about Canoeing? There is nothing more beautiful than taking a journey on the lake on a still, crisp winters day. Often during the winter months, you can be the only people out on the water too. Magic.
Mountain biking in the Lake District
Overlooking Coniston from Parkamoor
Winter Canoeing in the Lake District
Winter Canoeing in the Lake District


Or perhaps a full day of fun is in order. Our Scramble and Abseil Adventure Day takes you among some truly impressive scenery as you journey up 1000ft to be rewarded by a stunning view across the Lakeland fells. Then after a picnic lunch and a hot chocolate (have I mentioned we provide “the best hot chocolate ever” during all our sessions?) it’s on to Cathedral Quarry and an adrenaline pumping 43metre Abseil into the cavern.  

This is definitely a great day that can end with a pat on the back pint by a cosy pub fire. 
Abseiling in the Lake District
Abseiling in the Lake District
Scrambling in the Lake District
The top of Raven Crag scramble overlooking Coniston









So while I’ll concede that it may be a little on the chilly side for most to don a wetsuit and go romping waist high through a half frozen gorge (these guys are seriously hard-core), I hope you can see there are some fantastic activities to chose from throughout the winter months that mean you don’t have to hibernate with the hedgehogs.

Gorge Walking in the winter
It’s never too cold for a silly pose!
Winter Gorge Walking in the Lake District
Winter Gorge Walking in the Lake District


For more information about the activities we offer throughout the year, please visit or call us on 015395 28666.