Lake District Family Activity Holiday 2019

Are you thinking about doing a Lake District Family Activity Holiday this summer?

It’s the time of year when the talk around the family table begins to incorporate the big questions about the Summer Holidays.

 Are we having a holiday this year? Where should we go? What can we do once we’re there?

With the weather in the UK last summer rivalling that of a lot of the top holiday hot-spots abroad, an activity holiday in Blighty was the winning choice for a lot of families, and we certainly had a fantastic and fun summer, even though we did get a fair bit of rain in the end too!

Since we opened our bunkhouse in 2014, we have welcomed more and more families looking for adventurous fun and a budget friendly place to stay during the school holidays. The combination of the laid-back life at the bunkhouse, plus the activity itinerary being taken care of is a big draw for some families. Of course, the bunkhouse style doesn’t suit everyone, so you can book activities with us wherever you are staying.

As it’s been a while since we put together a Family Activity Bundle post, we thought we’d give you a fresh one for 2019 and help you to get those summer holiday plans rolling!

What exactly do we mean by Family Activity Bundle?

It’s simple really…

You book a bunch of activities with us, and your accommodation either at our bunkhouse or your own preferred location. Activities can be spread out according to the length of your stay, so you can have a relaxing half day here and there, or you can bunch them up and have an adrenaline fuelled few days. Whatever floats your boat!

You can do up to two activities a day and you can decide exactly which activities you wish to do before or after you’ve made the booking; we are happy to advise good options. We can then arrange your activity itinerary for you using our expert knowledge of the locations and activities.  We will also put you with other families with children of a similar age where possible.

Within the bundle package you can split the family for some activities so that the older ones can do some more adventurous stuff, and you can also book a different number of sessions for different members of the family e.g. 3 people at 6 sessions and 2 people at 4 sessions.

Here’s an idea of a couple of itinerary options, just to get your little grey cells working:

4 session bundle with children aged 8+ 6 session bundle with children age 12+
  • Monday – ½ day Canoeing
  • Tuesday – ½ day Raft Build
  • Wednesday – Day off to explore, or just chill
  • Thursday – ½ day Rock Climbing
  • Friday – ½ day Gorge Walk
  • Monday – Climbing Adventure Day
  • Tuesday – ½ day Kayaking
  • Wednesday – Day off to do you won thing
  • Thursday – Swallows and Amazons Canoeing day
  • Friday – ½ day Gorge Walk


So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. How much?

The Family Bundle includes a multi session discount, so as soon as you book 2 or more sessions, you’re making a saving:

When you book… The price per person is…
  Adult Child aged 16
or under
1 session
(Half Day)
£44 £34
2 activity bundle £80 £60
3 activity bundle £108 £81
4 activity bundle £144 £108
5 activity bundle £180 £135

These prices include breathable waterproofs or wetsuits as required, instruction, a complimentary hot drink during each session and use of all technical equipment, except bikes.  Bike hire is extra @£20 per bike payable direct to the supplier. Prices do not include any transport or food.

If you’re unsure of what will work for your family, just talk to us about your requirements, and we’ll come up with a plan!

Prices for a mid-week stay in Lowick School Bunkhouse while doing our family activities – a lovely spot, a room to your family and a great value option:

Bunkhouse accommodation – per room per night* 4 Bed Bunkroom 8 Bed Bunkroom
£50 £90

*Minimum 2 night stay. Activities must be booked alongside accommodation. Prices do not include food, bedding or transport. To book, please add a bedroom to your family bundle before completing the checkout process. Family Bundle bunkhouse bookings will be subject to a £100 damage deposit.

We reserve the bunkhouse for sole use bookings Fri-Sun, but individuals and families can book rooms Mon-Thurs. For full information and terms and conditions, please see our Lowick School Bunkhouse webpage.

Ok, you’re booked in and your itinerary is sorted, but what do you need to pack?

We provide all the technical kit for your chosen activities, but these are the essentials you’ll want to bring along too:


  • Swimsuit/trunks – You’ll need your swimwear if you are doing anything that requires a wetsuit, e.g Gorge Walking, Raft Building or Kayaking.
  • Tracksuit/jogging bottoms or walking trousers – Soft, lightweight materials are most comfortable for wearing with harnesses and they are also more comfortable if they get wet and dry out faster than jeans or heavyweight materials.
  • Shorts – Great for topping up the tan when the sun shines and if you have a pair that you don’t mind getting wet, we recommend you wear them over the top of your wetsuit when Gorge Walking; the funkier the better!
  • Walking boots or shoes – if you’re planning a good hike while you’re here, it’s a good idea to bring your most sturdy pair of walking boots or shoes, especially in winter months.
    Depending on the activities you’ve chosen, such as Mountain Biking, a good pair of trainers can be just as practical but do think about type of terrain you might be on and how far you might be walking.
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting completely wet – This is the one that stumps most people, but it needn’t. Most of us have a pair of old trainers/boots stuffed in the wardrobe set aside for the next DIY or garden project, or there’s those dirty canvas pumps that you’re hoping the kid’s feet will keep squeezing into just until the end of the summer! If they have a sturdy sole, these are what you need to bring with you.  For Gorge Walking we don’t recommend sandals, crocs or wetsuit boots as they don’t offer enough protection.
    Don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes suitable for ‘dry’ activities as you may not have time for your wet shoes to dry out before your next activity.
  • Fleece jumper – Lightweight and warm, a fleece is a great additional layer of insulation under a wetsuit and provides warmth on days when there is a bit of a chill in the air.
  • T-shirts and long sleeved tops – Again, great for topping up the tan, but also a long sleeved t-shirt can give added sun protection on days when you’re doing activities in areas without much shade, such as Canoeing or Rock Climbing.
  • Waterproofs – Most people own a waterproof coat of some description but if you don’t have one or just need trousers, then we will lend you some if you ask us in advance.
  • Sun lotion, hat, sunglasses. It’s surprising how sunburned you can get while distracted by the gorgeous views and fun you’re having!

You can choose our family activity bundle prices wherever you book your accommodation, so all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Book accommodation
  • Decide how many activity sessions you would like to do during your stay
  • Book in with us with your dates, no. of people and no. of sessions.  You can tell us the activities you want to do as well, if you have decided. To book we require a 25% deposit and contact details.  You can book over the phone, via our websites secure online booking system, or we can do it all by email.
  • Then around 6 weeks/a month in advance we will finalise which activities you want to do, which days of the week etc.
  • The balance is then due 2 weeks in advance.

So there you have it! If you think we might just be the summer holiday you’re looking for, please get in touch as we would love to help organise a really fun activity experience for you. After all, making great memories is what we do best!

For more inspriation about the activites that you and your family could do during your Lake District Activity holiday, please visit our website. If you have any questions, or would prefer to book over the phone, you can call Emma and Beth in the RDMH office on 015935 28666.