Kayak surfing – staff night out

Kayak Surfing on the Cumbrian coast

Johan, Matt and James from ‘River Deep Mountain High’ enjoyed a bit of kayak surfing last night at Silecroft, Cumbria…

Awesome fun, not massive surf but really satisfying to paddle out through the waves and let them do the hard work to shoot you back to the shore!

The salty spray wasn’t quite as pleasant as the fresh water we’re used to when we run kayak sessions on Coniston water… just makes you appreciate what a nice environment we get to work in normally.

The salt spray brought back memories for myself, having spent the majority of this year so far on the sea… returning home only a couple of months ago having successfully rowed across the Atlantic with my Dad, a journey which took us a total of 82 days!
We jumped out of our kayaks on the beach for a quick coffee break as the sun set on the horizon, before heading back out to catch the last few sets of waves.
The tide had gone out while we were paddling though so it was a ‘pebble dash’ back to the car with the kayaks, beautifully demonstrated by Matt in the photo below!

Big grins on our faces the whole way home, and up early the next morning to take a group Gorge Walking in Church Beck… Sound good? Come and have a go at some quality activities up in the Lake District with River Deep Mountain High.