Organising a hen or stag do? How hard can it be?

Organising a hen party or stag do? How hard can it be?

So, you’ve been given the honour of organising the stag/hen do of your closest friend. Congratulations!  Now, how hard can it be to get in touch with a bunch of strangers dotted all over the UK (or even the world), find a date that works for everyone, a venue that is easy to get to, and something to do that is inclusive to everyone from the adrenaline junkie traveller to the vertigo suffering townie? No pressure.

A fair few of us have been on a hen or stag do at some point in our lives. Only the other day here at RDMH we were discussing how much has changed in the 10+ years since we had our own hen do’s. Mine was an oh so classy evening with a small group of my besties, involving a meal followed by a traditional pub crawl that finished with a shimmy on the sticky floored nightclub of the local town. Ahh, good times. That’s pretty much what happened back then for most folks, and though it’s still a classic, these days there are so many other options, it’s bewildering.

Though we have a huge amount of experience in these matters, unfortunately for you, we can’t be the ones to contact everyone and get the group numbers and date tied down, though we do sypmathise as to how stressfull that bit can be. What we can do is make things a lot easier for you once you know the basics, and trust us, there aren’t many ‘silly’ questions we haven’t been asked. In fact, if you aren’t careful, we’ll get more involved with the ideas than you may want. A recent stag do conversation springs to mind, in which a breakfast cooking competition that could be dubbed  “The Great British Bacon-off” (*X-factor style dramatic voice) was enthusiastically suggested. Genius!

But in all seriousness, here at RDMH HQ we aim to make the whole process as straight forward as possible. By offering you the accommodation in Lowick School Bunkhouse, and instructed activities as a package, plus options for everything else that we think a successful stag or hen do needs, we think we’ve made it pretty simple.

So, if you are looking for…

  • Comfortable accommodation for up to 20 people.
  • Fun activities provided at a high standard, with enough choice to satisfy everyone.
  • Outdoor area with stunning Lake District fell views for the ultimate post activity bbq and bonfire relaxation.
  • Local suppliers who can deliver everything from beer kegs and bbq packs, to a hot tub.
  • 2 pubs that serve food within walking distance.
  • Enough inside space to either lounge by the wood burner, play some table football, or chat around the dining table.
  • Somewhere with decent travel links to major cities such as Manchester, London and Glasgow.

…you’ve come to the right place.

River Deep Mountain High have been providing outdoor activities since 2003, and though the activities available can vary depending on your group size, as a general rule we have found that hen and stag groups love Gorge Walking, Raft Building, Canoeing and Archery. These all lend themselves to larger numbers, and also allow for a daft costume to be worn!

“Wow! Sounds perfect, but how much?” I hear you cry.

Well, here’s a handy table to help you out… (accurate November2016 – please click here for latest prices)

Total price for sole-use of bunkhouse for Fri & Sat nights plus activities…
No of activity sessions
No of people taking part in activities
Up to 8*
Up to 16*
Up to 22*
1 (half-day)
2 (full-day)
Extra nights available at a reduced price of £225 per night

Prices include standard activities including use of wetsuits/waterproofs, instructions, hot chocolate and all technical equipment except bikes. Bike hire is extra @£20 per bike payable direct to the supplier. Prices do not include any transport or food.

We have also learned over the years that flexibility is key, so if these aren’t quite the activities you are looking for, tell us what you would like, and we’ll see what we can do.

We have easy payment and group info systems, can provide hen and stag do packed lunches, and give any other advice to make the ‘organiser’ job that bit easier. We also send out full kit lists and detailed directions in advance. You barely have to do a thing, and can take all the glory.

It might only be November, but we’ve already got some stag and hen weekends booked in for 2017. So if you want to look like the most organised member of the wedding party, and earn some extra Best Buddy Brownie Points, get in touch with Beth or Emma here in the office, and we’ll answer all your queries, get you booked in, and make sure the do goes down in the Best Weekend history books.

You’ll also be left with more time to shop for that green mankini or pink tutu you’ve been plotting about.



If you want any more information about our Hen and Stag packages, visit our stag do page, our hen party page or call 015935 28666.