Kit List Items for your Lake District Hen Do

Kit List Items for your Lake District Hen Do Activity Weekend

We love welcoming hen do’s, and over the years we have seen a significant increase in groups of girls who are willing to show the Stags just how it’s done!

And they have definitely held their own in the dressing-up department. We’ve had a fabulous selection of fluorescent tutus, giant engagement bling, Pocahontas head-dresses, and tropical attire.

Speaking from the point of view of a woman who loves making a to-do list and is also incapable of packing light, I suspect the list below is not quite as necessary for the Hen’s as the one I already made for the Stags, but for the sake of balance here is a helpful reminder of the essentials you’ll want to add to your packing list before your RDMH Hen House Party Weekend at Lowick School Bunkhouse.

*cue the Top of the Pops chart rundown music again…

  1. Everything on the RDMH activity kit list – It’s all on there for a reason, and this is not about glamour, so please don’t pack your smallest designer bikini, because the more flesh coverage you can manage, the better!
  2. Everything on the Lowick School Bunkhouse kit list – Sleeping bag, pillow, towel & toiletries all need to be in your suitcase, but if you do forget anything, the nearest town is only 10 minutes away and you can get everything you need there.
  3. Costumes – We’ve already given you a few ideas, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget they might need to work with a wetsuit!
  4. Camera – If you’ve got group members who are supporting from the side-lines rather than taking part, get them involved by making them official photographers. And if you can get your hands on a Go-Pro, bring that along too.
  5. Party games – It might take a little bit of advanced planning to get the other half’s answers, but you can’t go wrong with a game of Mr and Mrs.
  6. Warm snuggly comfy clothes – I think it’s fair to say that there’s nothing us girls like more than putting our hair in a messy bun and changing into our comfiest pj’s, especially at the end of an activity filled day. So make sure you pack something warm and snuggly so when evening comes you can get comfy, light the fire, pop open the fizz and get the ‘how I met the bride to be’ stories at the ready.
  7. Your appetite – We all know hen do calories don’t count, besides, think of all the ones you just burned doing those outdoor activities. Our bunkhouse has a fully equipped communal cooking and dining area, and you can either bring your own feast, or we can pre-order breakfast/BBQ packs from our local butcher. You can also ask us about our afternoon tea package which includes freshly made sandwiches and Emma’s amazing home baked cakes and scones. And if you’re still hankering after the carbs, we have a couple of takeaway’s that will deliver to the bunkhouse. Yass!

Regardless of whether you are a preparation queen or a last minute toss and squash bag packer, I think you’ll agree that the prospect of a Hen House Party with RDMH is a great one, and next to the wedding this is going to be a great memory that stays with you all for years to come.

Hen Party Activities in the Lake District
Fun in the water during a hen party in the Lake District

If you are still looking for the perfect Hen House Party Weekend with activities and accommodation all from the same provider, take a look at our Hen House Party for an idea of what we can provide for you.

If you like what you see, you can simply book available dates using our websites secure online booking system, send us an email, or call the office on 015395 28666 if you have any questions.