Gathering group information – handy hints and tips

Handy hints for a smooth Activity Weekend

You’ve managed to get everyone pinned down on the date and the activities, and you’re all booked in for your activity weekend in Lowick School Bunkhouse with River Deep Mountain High. Yay! Time to sit back, relax and contemplate all the fun details of the weekend ahead.

We like to keep things as straightforward as we can here at RDMH, so our activity prices include the use of the technical kit required* for your chosen activity. And because it is ultimately easier at our end if we make your job of organising everyone as simple as possible, we have a very straight forward way for you to gather and send us the specific information required for kit allocation.  

We send you a link to an online form created specifically for your group, you forward it to all the group members, they access it and fill in their name/height/weight and health information, and the whole thing updates automatically at our end so you don’t even need to send it back to us. Simples! 

Yet even with the simplest system there are always a few stragglers who, for one reason or another, are unable to get that information in on time. So, for those of you who receive a subtle ‘Group Info Reminder’ email from RDMH HQ, but are struggling to get the rest of your group motivated, here are a few suggestions for lines of encouragement that we feel would have the right impact. 

If you don’t fill the form in by tomorrow..

    •  …you’ll get what you’re given.
      The threat of the chafe of an ill fitting wetsuit in particular should be enough to encourage full co-operation.
    • …I’ll get creative with the health info and ask the instructor to check it publicly.
      Particularly excellent threat to those who are in groups where people are meeting each other for the first time. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, people!
    • …they have another group who need all the remaining kit, so you’ll be left with the wetsuits from the ‘holes in bum to repair’ bucket.
      We don’t – They won’t. But are they willing to risk it?
  •  …it looks like the water temperatures are forecast to dip unseasonably low next week, perhaps even snow – yes, in August! I wouldn’t want to be without a wetsuit…
    You may have one or two group members who think they could handle the colder water, but it’s unlikely they’d take the risk in reality.

As you can tell, these suggestions are particularly geared towards activities that require a wetsuit, but as those in the know will confirm, a well fitting suit really does make all the difference!

It’s also worth pointing out that being in denial about your size may also lead to potential problems in the long run too. We have seen every size and shape of body taking part in activities and getting into our kit. We don’t discriminate against size, and we want you to be comfortable and have fun, but if you neglect being honest with us, we can’t guarantee your comfort. 

Ladies…if you have a larger bottom or boobs, let us know so we can allow for these within the sizing.

Gentlemen…the waistline is around the middle of the tummy where your belly button is, not under it and around the hips. Believe me, you’ll thank us in the long-run.

Of course, if you or any of the group have doubts or questions about the kit and want to chat with us, we’re here to offer advice as well as encouragement. Let’s face it, if we all looked like Olympic Triathletes in a wetsuit, we’d be laughing!

*with the exception of mountain bike hire, which is additional

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