Heat, Lake Swimming, Algae, Dry rivers etc!

Is it safe to go swimming in Coniston Water?

Is there any water in the ghylls?

And other questions that this amazing period of dry, hot and sunny weather is bringing…

Jumping into Coniston Water - swimming
Jumping into Coniston Water – swimming
Swimming in Coniston Water
Swimming in Coniston Water

We have been enjoying an amazing long period of warm sunny weather which makes us all want nothing more than to go and get wet in some fresh natural water. The hot dry weather does bring it’s own problems though with the environment agency confirming the presence of blue-green algae and places that take their water from the mountain ghylls facing a real prospect of running out of water in the next week!

So, is it safe to swim in Coniston Water?

Yes and No! Let me elaborate…

Blue green algae can cause real danger to dogs – even death – so keep your pooch away from anything other than running water i.e. streams and ghylls. For humans, the algae is not generally life-threatening unless you are already vulnerable eg pregnant or small or frail, and must be ingested to cause a problem. A regular adult would generally get a windy tummy at worst. It is also not covering the entire lake and so choosing the right places to swim, being sensible as to whether you or your children are higher risk and not drinking the water are reasonable ways to enjoy the water safely. Swimming in open water does have other dangers such as cold spots and sudden depth changes. Be aware of your limits and environment or get out on the lake with an experienced provider who knows where the dangers lie and will provide you with good safety equipment.

Is it worth going ghyll scrambling at the moment or are the rivers too low?

Yes, absolutely! There is still a lot of fun to be had

Some of our regular gorge walking venues are affected by the lack of rain but others still have plenty of water and as always we will take you to the venue that suits your group’s abilities and needs the best. Our priority is to give the best experience possible using our years of experience and local knowledge. Refresh your week by booking ghyll scrambling