Family Activity Holiday pt3 – Kit List Basics

Family Activity Holiday pt3 – Kit List Basics

So the Lake District won over Florida, and you’re coming to do a Family Bundle with River Deep Mountain High. Good choice. But what do you need to pack in order to cover all the activity bases?


It’s fair to say that packing for a holiday in the Lake District is not quite like packing for the Florida. Yes, you still pack your swim suit, sun lotion and hat but alongside it you also have a woolly jumper and raincoat, such are the joys of the unpredictable English weather!
Packing for a Family Activity Holiday in the Lake District is simpler than you think and as you begin to wonder whether a visit to the local outdoor store is required, remember…River Deep Mountain High provide all the technical kit for your activities and even have waterproofs you can borrow, so you shouldn’t need to buy anything extra for your holiday, unless you want to.
So, what do you need to pack?

  • Swimsuit/trunks – You’ll need your swimwear if you are doing anything that requires a wetsuit, e.g Gorge Walking, Raft Building or Kayaking.
  • Tracksuit/jogging bottoms or walking trousers – Soft, lightweight materials are most comfortable for wearing with harnesses and they are also more comfortable if they get wet and dry out faster than jeans or heavyweight materials.
  • Shorts – Great for topping up the tan when the sun shines and if you have a pair that you don’t mind getting wet, we recommend you wear them over the top of your wetsuit when Gorge Walking; the funkier the better!
  • Walking boots or shoes – if you’re planning a good hike while you’re here, it’s a good idea to bring your most sturdy pair of walking boots or shoes, especially in winter months. Depending on the activities you’ve chosen, such as Mountain Biking, a good pair of trainers can be just as practical, but do think about type of terrain you might be on and how far you might be walking.
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting completely wet – This is the one that stumps most people, but it needn’t. Most of us have a pair of old trainers/boots stuffed in the wardrobe set aside for the next DIY or garden project, then there’s those dirty canvas pumps that you’re hoping the kids feet will keep squeezing into just until the end of the summer! If they have a sturdy sole, these are what you need to bring with you. For Gorge Walking we don’t recommend sandals, crocs or wetsuit boots as they don’t offer enough protection.
Don’t forget to bring a pair of dry shoes suitable for ‘dry’ activities as you may not have time for your wet shoes to dry out before your next activity.
  • Fleece jumper – Lightweight and warm, a fleece is a great additional layer of insulation under a wetsuit and provides warmth on days when there is a bit of a chill in the air.
  • T-shirts and long sleeved tops – Again, great for topping up the tan, but also a long sleeved t-shirt can give added sun protection on days when you’re doing activities in areas without much shade, such as Canoeing or Rock Climbing.
Year round essentials
  • Waterproofs – Most people own a waterproof coat of some description but if you don’t have one or just need trousers, then we will lend you some if you ask us in advance.
  • Towel
Summer essentials
  • Sun lotion, hat, sunglasses. It’s surprising how sunburned you can get while distracted by the gorgeous views and fun you’re having!
Winter essentials
  • Woolly hats and gloves, extra base layers such as tights and leggings or thermal underwear. It’s all about keeping the cold out so you can really focus on having fun


So there you have it. Not as ‘full on’ as you were perhaps thinking and certainly not technical, there may even be room in your suitcase for a few ‘bargains’ to be found while perusing the many outdoor shops you’ll find up here!

If you do feel like treating yourself to some new goodies before you get here, shops like Decathlon and Go Outdoors are great options for budget friendly spending. They often have a large range of goods to chose from, and the main problem we have found with these stores is that you come out with WAAAY more than you went in for. So many bargains!

And should you feel like really becoming part of the RDMH crew, we also have our own online shop where you can buy basic bits like fleeces, hoodies and thermals, all with our own logo embroidered.

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