“Best thing i’ve ever done in my life”

Outdoor Activity Adventure in the Lake District – Making Memories

I though I would just write to show my gratitude to my groups over the past few weeks. Within a seven day period i have had two people on seperate activities one gorge walking  and one climbing. One in their late 30s and one in their 20’s say either “this has been the best thing they had ever done day in their life” or  “this was the best thing I have ever done” respectively.

I am writing this to say thankyou, this has given me massive job satisfaction since there is no better thing than to be providing people with the best experiences of their life, this is what I aim for, so to occasionlly reach such dizzy heights has been very rewarding.

I have really enjoyed these sessions too, there is no greater job satisfaction.


My eyes are shut but the picture says what it needs too;