Canoeing the length of Lake Windermere

Canoeing the Length of Windermere

7th December 2010 – Canoeing the Length of Lake Windermere with the Outdoor Instructor Training Course students.
I was lucky enough to get out the office to join a trip up the length of Windermere just 2 weeks ago in the snow – the views of the snowy mountain really were beautiful.
Here we are getting the Canoes into the South end of Lake Windermere at Fell Foot National Trust
Here I am wrapped up in many many layers – with the other Canoes speeding ahead of us towards the snowy mountains
Winter Canoeing on Windermere


First break to stretch legs, rest arms and munch on some snacks. Look at the view!!



Great reflections on the water and snowy trees!


 Lunch break with warm Soups, Stew and Jaffa Cakes!
Great Snowy Mountain in our view to the finish line!
And we made it!
And deserved a beverage next to the warm fire at the Wateredge Inn at the North end of Lake Windermere


A wonderful view to end a wonderful day!
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