Group Activity Feedback

Group Activity Feedback

Just received this feedback email – it blows me away when I read ones like this…
Your name: Colin H
Activity Date(s): 12th and 13th May 2012
Activity(s): (fav first then descending)  Gorge Walk , Abseiling , Kayaking , Rock Climbing No in Group: 7 each day

Please give a score our of 5 and comments on the following areas:
Website (Information and Navigation)
5 out of 5 it was the website that brought me to use you – it was both informative and easily laid out

Booking Process and Information
yet again top marks 5 out of 5 any questions where answered promptly and actually answered the question asked was answered clearly, rather than going on a trip to get no where (if you know what I mean)

Meet and Greet
 getting tedious this 5 out of 5 again. The guides where top class both good crack but at the same time informative, on our trip we had a varying level of experience within our party from those that had done nothing of any sort of the activites booked to some that have high experience of various activities but this was not an issue due to structure, location and planning of the activites we took part in.

Activity Experience (Pitch, Kit, Content)
 yet again zzzzz 5 out of 5 kit was all laid on and provided and was in very good condition, everything that was required was made available- the part that really impressed me was i was allowed to stick a mount for my go pro2 video cam on one of the climbing helmets so I recorded the abseiling down the rock face in the lead mine. (I have been booked into a motorsport track day where i cant even take a camera too — reason elf and safety 🙁

Overall Value for Money
Hard to believe so much fun could be had for so little best money i have spent in a long long time. 5/5

And finally, any other comment
 As commented members of the party have done such activities that we did before but nobody was left dissapointed, a brilliant time had during the day and then on the night trying out the local pubs in Coniston.
 Burning question would we be going back— you bet we are all ready trying to organise another weekend either back end of this year or for the same time next year and who do I plan to use and arrange activities with yup River Deep mountain high.
 Well done and thank you for a great 40th birthday weekend. Top tip –activity Gorge walk what a blast yet again recorded the whole event on the go pro and got some truelly amazing footage.

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