Abseiling in the Lake District

Abseiling involves lowering yourself down a rock face with the ropes set up so that you are in control of your own descent. An abseil is a challenge for all ages that is also an unusual, exciting experience you won’t forget.

Abseiling basics:

  • Location: Cathedral Quarry, The Hoad - Ulverston, Long Crag, Pike O'blisco, Tilberthwaite
  • ½ day activity other than adventure days which are full days
  • Minimum Age: 10
  • Progess to: Adventure days

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Abseiling is an adrenaline packed activity that really does make you feel a rush of excitement. Lowering yourself down a sheer rock face is something most people would naturally and instinctively turn away from, but with our specialist equipment and supportive and encouraging instructors, everybody goes away with a huge sense of achievement, buzzing and wanting to do it all over again!

Our abseiling sessions start at Hodge Close, and from there we take a lovely 15-20 min walk along the the old slater’s tracks to the main abseiling area at Cathedral Quarry.  On arrival at the old quarry we walk you through a tunnel to the main cavern and out into the bottom of the main quarry where you can see the different heights of abseil available, and the group can make a choice as to which they want to do (dependent on availability). You will then be coached in abseiling technique before taking the plunge and abseiling yourself down the cliff face.

All our outdoor activity sessions include elements of fun, learning new skills, going on a journey, adventure and coaching. Each session will have one of these elements as its main focus, either because the activity naturally offers it, (eg. Walking and Abseiling journey), or to tailor the session to the groups aims. Be sure to let our office/your instructor know if there is something you would like to learn, do, or have concerns about. We will always remember that you are doing the activity as part of your time off and so your enjoyment will always be our priority.

Abseiling is a terrific experience in itself, but our venues also offer interesting places to visit and wonderful views and scenery to enjoy, making it a journey. We can also do abseiling on the Hoad in Ulverston, which is a shorter walk from the cars and gives fantastic views over Morecambe Bay.

Lake District Abseiling
Lake District Abseiling